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ASEWU celebrates 100 years of service on campus

By Jaclyn Archer, News Editor

October 5, 2015

New student government president reveals plans for the upcoming school year

Mayhem competition features students

Mayhem competition features students

June 6, 2015

The Diversified Greek Council (DGC) hosted the first annual Mayhem step and stroll competition in the Showalter Auditorium on May 30. The two-hour show...

Cheney living not student friendly

By Joe Matthews, Contributing Writer

June 2, 2015

With just a few weeks left until summer, all the stresses students have are put toward finals and projects. Those are good things to be worried about. However, if you pass and make it back to Eastern next year, for most there is still a lingering question: “Where am I going to live?” Incoming freshman have it easy with all the dorms that are available to them. But for upperclassmen...

Policing professors need to understand students' pressures

Policing professors need to understand students’ pressures

June 1, 2015

When in class, I believe I should have the right to work on other class assignments or catch up on reading if need be, but some professors try to police...

EWU financial aid hurts students and their wallets

By Mikayla Lundeen, EWU Freshman

May 2, 2015

Financial aid is supposed to give all students access to education. However, my experience with the financial aid office has revealed many flaws in the system. For one, my parent’s income is not my income. No matter how much my parent’s make, they have no obligation to give me any of it. Ten years ago, my dad wanted to take responsibility for providing for his family,...

Students gather at barbecue event to meet candidates.

ASEWU candidates greet students at barbecue

April 30, 2015

Music, sunshine and food were the backdrop for the April 20 barbecue outside of Snyamncut Hall, part of a meet and greet for contenders of the 2015-16...

What's better: Dorm, apartment or house? We weigh in

What’s better: Dorm, apartment or house? We weigh in

April 19, 2015

Despite dorm accessibility, houses provide cheaper living, more space and privacy By Anna Mills - Photographer Early and often spring cleaning is ...


Letter to the Editor: ASEWU responds to PUB remodel editorial

February 24, 2015

23 February 2015 I am writing, as a member of ASEWU, in response to the editorial in the Feb. 18 edition of The Easterner regarding the proposed PUB...

W-2 not needed to submit FAFSA on priority deadline

By Eric Long, Chief Copy Editor

January 18, 2015

Students who want to fill out their Free Application for Student Aid, but think they cannot due to not having a W-2, can estimate in the taxes section of the online form. Many students, such as junior Megan Darrow, who is waiting for her W-2 to come in from a seasonal job she works in Vancouver, Washington, did not know estimates could be used. “Last year we had a problem...

MLK Service Day utilizes EWU student volunteers

By Nathan Peters, Managing Editor

January 15, 2015

Eastern’s Office of Community Engagement is partnering with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Outreach Center to supply and coordinate volunteers for Spokane’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. At the MLK Day of Service event on Jan. 19, there will be 250 college students volunteering at 13 local-nonprofit sites, and about 150 of those students are from Eastern,...

AP election opportunity caters to EWU students

By Alex Miller, Staff Writer

November 9, 2014

During election years, The Associated Press gives EWU students the opportunity to earn some extra money before the holiday season while also giving students a chance to become more politically involved. When votes are being counted in counties across the nation, EWU students hired by the AP are there to help out. Of all the universities in the country to choose from,...

PLUS Loan Program makes changes for heightened loan accessibility

By Katie Dunn, Staff Writer

November 9, 2014

The U.S. Department of Education announced on Oct. 22 changes to the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program intended to reflect the current economy by aiding students in acquiring and managing loans. College Board reported that nationwide, 60 percent of graduating students from four-year universities in 2012 owed an average of $26,500 in government loans. The Project on Student...

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