Police Beat: Misplaced tent


Keri Kelly

Students refused to remove their tent at an EWU football game.

By Isaiah Gessner, Social Media Director

11/6/21 Student Refuses to Take Down Tent

During EWU’s football game against the Montana State Bobcats, students refused to take down their tent in Parking Lot 7 on campus. This led to the police getting involved and Disorderly Conduct being called against the students. 

11/7/21 Attempted Assault Outside of JFK Library

An attempted assault of a female student has been reported to have occurred on campus at approximately 6:45 pm on Sunday November 7. For a full report on the situation, read The Easterner’s article here.

(Happened on 11/1/2021 and Was Reported on 11/8/2021) Fight on Elm Street

After the reported assault on November 7th, this story was reported to the EWU Police Department

Students were leaving parking lot 15 on campus when a male ended up attacking another male on Elm and C street. One of the males ended up pulling a firearm on the other male and the witnesses who saw the fight take place also stated that the firearm may have been pointed at them as well.

Nobody was hurt and police are still looking for more information on the situation as it may be linked to the people who attempted the assault on November 7

(11/9/21) Theft at Patterson Hall

Students went into a custodial room without permission and stole a vaping pen at Patterson Hall on campus. This situation remains under investigation as it could be tied into the same students who had the assault on 11/8/21.