Thomas Hammer brings CBD drinks to campus

By Nicolas Zerbe, Reporter

Thomas Hammer Coffee in EWU’s library is now offering cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, to students as both a tea and drink additive.

CBD is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients in cannabis, according to Harvard Health Publishing, and is typically used to treat epilepsy syndromes, anxiety and chronic pain.

The Pacific Northwest coffee chain placed the items on the menu at EWU on Feb. 1, offering a 5 mg dose of the substance in a tea brew, as well as a 10 mg powder that can be added to any beverage at an upcharge of $2.50.

The university’s police department is still unsure of the legality of Thomas Hammer’s CBD line of products, and is reaching out to the DEA in order to further research the drug, according to Chief Tim Walters of the EWU police department.

Although Thomas Hammer’s CBD — which is hemp derived, according to Kelsey Boyce, account executive in their corporate office, is completely legal in Washington state, federal laws make it a tricky topic for local law enforcement.

“Everyone that we’ve talked to so far hasn’t given a definitive answer which would allow us to make an informed decision on our stance,” Deputy Chief Jay Day of the EWU Police Department said.

According to the Government Publishing Office, the DEA rescheduled the drug in September.

Previously scheduled as a class I drug alongside heroin, ecstasy and marijuana, it is now schedule V, according to the DEA’s website.

Schedule V drugs, substances or chemicals are defined as having a lower potential for abuse than the tiers above them and contain limited quantities of certain narcotics, per the DEA.

CBD is currently listed alongside epilepsy medications like Brivaracetam and Ezogabine under the Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations, part 1308.15.

The future of CBD at EWU’s Thomas Hammer location is still uncertain, but as of the article’s publication, the product is still offered at the counter.