Career services puts students on track

Career services puts students on track

By Jazmine Reed, Reporter

Students may or may not already be informed about Career Services, but regardless, the resources that are provided can be useful, even as a refresher of information. EWU Career Services offers assistance in areas such as career planning, internships, professional development and career service courses.

Maryssa Montejano, a student at EWU, is one person who took advantage of Career Services. She spoke about her experience working with career adviser Romeal Watson.

“I wanted to get an internship so I could come back this school year with more experience and hours to be able to get into the social work program Montejano said. “They helped enough to where I’d be able to know what to say and do.”

One of the most common reasons that students make appointments with Career Services is to help with resumes, increasing their chances of being hired at their desired place of employment.

“I had help from Jessica Berwick on making my resume current and clean,” EWU student Jazmine Sumner said. “I applied to jobs immediately after and received an interview within a day. As well as I have received calls from three firms regarding internships. Previously when I had applied places hiring with my old resume, I had to call and bug them to check in on it.”

The Career Services courses that are available are CRSV 210 (Career Development) and CRSV 295 (Career Exploration Internship). These courses are meant for undecided or undeclared students who are not sure where to take their education after graduation.

Students can create a Handshake account online (, and can download the Handshake app. Another way to set up an appointment is to contact EWU Career Services via phone (509-359-6365) or via email ([email protected]). The EWU Career Services office is located in Showalter 114. •