Dance Force team set to break it down one more time

By Sam Jackson, Reporter

As an all-skill level and dance style team, EWU Dance Force breaks it down for the end of the school year with a spring show, at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 8 in the Showalter Auditorium.

Throughout the year the dance team membership has fluctuated and there are currently five members of the team who will be dancing for the show. The show will also feature EWU students part of Professor Vincas Greene’s modern and jazz dance classes. Admission for the show is free.

Anastasiya Mayerchuk, a senior majoring in business administration, became captain of the team last year. Mayerchuk says the team has been preparing all year long for the spring show by meeting at least twice a week in the Sports and Recreation Center.

“It’s our biggest thing at the very end, we work up to it,” Mayerchuk said. “Everything we do throughout the year we include in this […] It’s just a fun kind of thing, where it gives us a goal to work up to.”

With the amount of members on the team changing throughout the year, Mayerchuk says it can be stressful, but the atmosphere of the team is very casual and they do the best they can to be accessible for everyone to practice dancing.  

“We try and teach the dances to everyone and if there is a set number of people that we need for a dance, like if we need pairs for a pair dance and thing, we try to catch up new members as fast as possible to those dances,” said Mayerchuk. “We do a lot of duets with members who are going to be here for the long haul. So, we just kind of adapt as we go.”

There are no restrictions when it comes to joining the team. The team recruits members every quarter and anyone can join as long as they want to dance and have a good attitude.

“It doesn’t matter skill level, it doesn’t matter if you have never danced in your life, it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, it doesn’t matter if you have been dancing ballet for all of your life; we’ve had from one end of the spectrum to the other end,” Mayerchuk said.

The style of music the dance force practices to ranges from Cardi B to Taylor Swift. The styles of dances at the show will be just as diverse. The music variety is pulled from what inspires each of the members on the team.

“We don’t limit ourselves just to hip-hop or just contemporary,” said Mayerchuk. “We try to put as many different styles together as possible. Obviously some things are more popular than others, we have a few hip-hop routines and a few lyrical routines. We have equipment work so flags and we might have a weapon kind of a dance. So, we just do everything.”

Throughout the year the team usually performs at events like Mayfest, but this event is special because the team gets to perform in front of people that choose to be their audience and want to see their art.

“This is where we get to perform by showing off our talents, and perform what we choreograph in front of an audience that wants see that kind of thing,” said Mayerchuk. “Not just a flash mob with people passing by.”

For more information about EWU Dance Force and the Dance Force Spring Show, go to the EWU Dance Force Facebook page or the EWU Dance Force EagleSync page.