Next year’s cheer squad finalized


EWU cheerleader Kenzie Briggs performs a stunt. The cheer squad for next season was recently finalized with 10 returning members and eight new members | Photo courtesy of EWU Cheer Club

By Tania Nunez, Contributor

A new school year means a new cheer team for EWU. Next year’s team includes 10  returning members and eight new members with 11 female cheerleaders and seven male cheerleaders.

“It’s exciting. I’m kind of nervous, but I think it’s going to be a really good season,” said incoming freshman Destiny Lehman. “Everyone has been super welcoming.”  

According to the EWU Cheerleading Club website, the goal of the cheer team is “to promote support and spirit for the Football, Volleyball and Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams and to represent EWU at Athletic and Associated Student Sponsored Events.” The cheer team also participates in fundraisers throughout the Cheney and Spokane areas.

Freshman Celia Lawrence, who is joining in the fall as a new member, talked about how joining the team is an opportunity to meet more people.

“I think the most excited I am for next year is that now that I know everyone, I feel more involved in the community,” Lawrence said.

Junior Joshua Cruz, a returning member entering his third year with the team, emphasized how new members revitalize the team.

“I’m hopeful. [There will be] new skills, new people, new personalities on the team,” said Cruz. “New people bring new insights.”