Police Beat


Illustration by Gail Powers for The Easterner

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Assault 4th Degree/Obstruction

March 12

On March 12, there was a heated altercation between two people playing basketball at the URC. After one male believed a foul should have been called on a play, racist slurs were said. The victim told the person yelling racist remarks to stop, which resulted in him being punched in the face multiple times. After he punched the victim the suspect ran away and ran from police. Since there were witnesses present, the suspect has been identified by police.



March 13

Staff of the education department in Williamson Hall felt concerned for the safety of a staff member due to a student, who also worked there, saying they would punch them in the face if they came to work. This student has a history of being aggressive according to other staff members. Since they believed the threats were credible police were called and the student was arrested.


Malicious Mischief

March 10

A male student couldn’t help but urinate in the fifth floor stairwell. The CA’s couldn’t track down who was doing this, but knew it had happened multiple times since Feb. 7. After police conducted an investigation, they were able to identify the serial urinator and explain to him that it’s not cool to do that.

DUI/Hit and Run

March 17

Around 10 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day, witnesses on Cedar Street saw a car hit another one and flee the scene. Police were given explicit detail of what the car looked like by the witnesses, and the police handed that information down to the cadets on duty. While the cadets were driving around they spotted the car in front of Morrison Hall with the female driver in the front seat. The smell of alcohol was evident, and she blew a .278-more that three times the legal limit. The fire department was also called in, because police feared she could have alcohol poisoning. She was later arrested for DUI.