Police Beat


Graphic by Gail Powers for The Easterner

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Suspicious Circumstance

Feb. 27


A male student reported to police that he was being harassed by another student who stole his debit card. The male’s card was stolen by somebody he knew who also had access to his pin number and was going on a shopping spree in Cheney. The victim reported the incident to Cheney Police and also said he felt like he was being followed by the thief. The thief texted a friend of the victim after hearing about the report with Cheney PD, and said “You need to talk to your boy and tell him to drop charges or it would be bad for everyone.” EWU police were notified by the student because he felt like he was being followed and threatened. No more charges were filed at this time.



Feb. 1-27


A student employee from JFK Library contacted police because she was frightened by a male student talking to her. The student grew up in the same neighborhood as the female employee in western Washington and was asking her where she was from and correctly guessed what high school she went to. She didn’t know who this man was and was alarmed he knew that information. She also told police she thought she was being followed by him because she saw him around campus again. No charges have been filed.



Feb. 28


Last Wednesday a soccer match got too hot to handle for one of the players at the Phase. Officers responded to a call due to pushing and shoving during the match. Foul language was thick in the air, but one player said to another “You better watch your back!” The player was alarmed because they didn’t know who this person was and took the threat seriously. No injuries occurred and no charges were filed.


Liquor Violation

March 3


Just before 2 a.m. Saturday morning, police responded to a call where a male student was passed out in the men’s bathroom of the 9th floor in Pearce Hall. The fire department also arrived on scene to inspect him. Reports said he was very drunk and swaying back and forth. The student, who was under 21, took a PBT test and blew a .167. He was issued a criminal citation and stayed the night with friends.