Police Beat


Illustration by Gail Powers for The Easterner

By Josh Fletcher, News Editor

Possession with the Intent to Deliver

Jan. 30

On Tuesday afternoon, a student called police because they were worried another student in their dorm at Pearce Hall was dealing drugs. Police arrived and conducted enough of an investigation to apply and receive a search warrant. In the room police found marijuana, scales and packaging equipment. The student was booked into Spokane County Jail.



Jan. 30

A student called police after they were punched in the face Tuesday in Streeter Hall. All the other students who were there at the time of the assault claimed they didn’t know who the person was in their dorm who punched the student. Police currently have no leads on the incident as to who punched the victim.


Drug Offense

Feb. 2

Police went to Dressler Hall after a student called in saying they smelled the odor of marijuana. Police arrived and arrested the student in their dorm for the possession of marijuana. The student was later cited and released.




A student informed police that their phone was stolen, but they were able to pinpoint where it might be. Police tracked down the phone to a car on 7th and H behind Lot 6. The car was searched, but no phone was found. Police have no leads on the incident at this time.



Feb. 5

A student was arrested in snyamncut for criminal trespassing because they were put on probation from the school as to where they can be on campus. They were allowed to only go to the buildings where their classes are, but when a student recognized them in their dorm, they called police. Police arrested the student and they will be forwarded to Students Rights and Responsibilities.



Verbal Disturbance

Feb. 7

Two female students had the police called on them because they were screaming at each other in Dressler Hall. Police arrived to investigate the situation to find that the verbal altercation was over clothing. No crimes were committed and the police left the scene shortly after.