Career Services useful tool for students

By The Easterner, Editorial Board

The truth about post-grad jobs is that employers are not looking at what your degree is. They are looking at what you did in college. These days it does not matter if you major in Business or Film. Employers want to see what you were involved with, what experience you have, but most importantly if you networked and had internships.

EWU offers plenty of resources to assist each student in the Career Services Department. All the student has to do is ask.

HJ Barnett, a student employee in Career Services, revealed the multiple resources to help students with internships and more.

“One of the resources we provide is setting up an appointment with our career advisers,” siad Barnett. “Our career advisers can help [students] with resume building, cover letter reviewing, also they do mock interviews so [students] can be better prepared for interviews. We also aide with job searches.”

Today it seems as though you cannot have success in your career if you do not network while in college. As more students reach upper class standing, internships cannot be emphasized enough. Career Services is fully aware of what employers are looking for and are more than capable of helping students at EWU prepare for and find internships while still in college.

“Another we provide would be internship opportunities,” said Barnett. “We have an internship coordinator named Romeal Watson. He helps you search for internships, he also has all the resources available in his computer. He can simply print some out and then help you with some internships.”

Most students likely assume internships and networking is more common in the business world. Career Services has a plethora of resources for all majors at EWU.

“I am a forensic chemistry major. Last summer I had an internship with Washington State Patrol Crime Lab. How [Career Services] helped me was they actually gave me the resource…when the application opened and closed. Also Romeal helped me with reviewing my resume personally so it is up-to-date with the government and I had some issues with my process.”

Networking is a process that Career Services makes convenient.

“[Career Services] has a database called Handshake. Basically it is all the job listings they receive from different employers worldwide, nationwide, different states and etcetera. [Career Services] personally review them one by one to make sure they are legitimate. They are basically listed on Handshake,” Barnett said.

Career Services advocates for Handshake as well as LinkedIn as convenient means to job searches. Students may be apprehensive about using one of these online resources at first. But these tools should not be intimidating in the long run. The difference between Handshake and LinkedIn is not much. LinkedIn has hidden job possibilities.

“[Career Services] offers a workshop so students can know how to utilize LinkedIn efficiently. “At the front office, we show students how to use [Handshake],” Barnett said.

When it comes to post-grad careers, students have the opportunity while in college to prepare for their future. Internships seem to be key currently and Career Services is a great place to start the job hunt before graduation.


Additional quote:

“Gini Hinch, she is the director of this office, she was able to help me figure the issue out. She actually reached out to the person and then became my personal reference. She is really good at handling student affair issues.”