Safe sex week


Condoms and flyers at the Condomania event held by EWU’s Health and Wellness | Sam Jackson for The Easterner

By Sam Jackson, Reporter

The Health and Wellness department rings in the month of love this week, by introducing Sexual Health Week for the fourth consecutive year this week.

Throughout the week, peer health educators (PHEs) are handing out leis with condoms attached to them to promote the events of Sexual Health Week. On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Health Hut is focusing on contraceptive and lubricant education from 5 to 7 p.m. at The Roost. On Thursday, Feb. 8, it will be the annual Condom Mania event, featuring various activities related to safe sex, healthy relationships, abstinence, and especially consent also located at The Roost from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

“I think it’s important on our campus because I don’t think everybody knows everything related to sexual health,” said Laura Gant, a health education coordinator at EWU. “I think it’s such a broad topic and whether we’re talking about healthy relationships, or consent or barrier devices I think there’s always an opportunity for students to learn more.”

The Health and Wellness department does a national survey every two years on campus to collect data that helps direct their programming.

“Our condom use on campus keeps dropping for at least the past couple of years,” said Gant. “It definitely reiterates to me as an educator, that this information is still important to get out there on why we should be using condoms, that our office supplies them, how to use them properly.”

The Health Hut is always offering peer to peer discussion, condoms and lubricant, two times a week. Currently they are located in the mezzanine of the URC building .

“I think the really great thing about the Health Hut is that it’s peer led,” said Jackie Haines, a PHE at EWU. “I feel like it’s easier to ask student to student questions than to sometimes go and ask adults those questions. Even for asking those uncomfortable questions like, what is a dental dam, is anal sex actually sex, or simply things like how much alcohol should you be drinking … even if we can’t answer, then we have the resources to get the answer.”

Condom Mania is an event that has been around for over a decade and is considered a culminating event to Sexual Health Week. Spokane AIDS Network, Spokane Regional Health District, Eagle Pride, and Scary Feminists club are other resources and partnerships participating in the event.

“I feel that it gives this a really broad spectrum,” said Gant. “Whether you are sexually active or not, regardless of your gender identity and anything of that nature, you are able to come here and get something out of it.”

The Health and Wellness Department encourages students to take advantage of their resources and stop by to have a conversation about these topics-whether they miss the events this week or not. They are located in the URC building in room 201.