Police Beat


Illustration by Gail Powers for The Easterner

By Josh Fletcher , News Editor

Jan. 26


A female suspected she was pickpocketed last Friday afternoon at The Roost. She told police she had her wallet in the front pocket of her jacket when she got up from her table to get food, and when she sat back down she realized her wallet was missing. Police currently do not have any leads on a suspect.


Jan. 26

Alcohol Violation

Last Friday night, a female student tried to get away with drinking in the stairwell of snyamncut. A CA found her in the stairwell with a clear plastic bottle, which she quickly put down and claimed was not hers. She was also cited for an MIP since she was underage.


Jan. 27

Suspicious Circumstance

During the men’s basketball game last Friday night, police believe a theft took place in the women’s restroom. The female hygiene dispenser was broken open and the change inside was missing. In the other woman’s bathroom, police found a similar situation, but there was no money missing. Police currently have no leads or suspects.


Jan. 28

Alcohol Violation

Around 2 a.m. Sunday morning police arrived to a call at Dressler Hall. In the seventh floor women’s bathroom police found three women- one on the floor vomiting. She was said to have taken 10 shots of hard alcohol and a Four Loko off campus. She was unable to perform a breathalyzer test, and was cited for an MIP.


Jan. 29

Suspicious Person

Monday afternoon a male brought in his computer to JFK Library to get help transferring photos from his phone to computer. He also told the young woman who helped him he needed help getting photos deleted too. When she was helping him she found numerous nude photos on the computer including one that he pointed out was of himself. Police have not identified the man yet.