Brewster Hall, home to second student art gallery

"Transcendent Cloud Brings Gifts of Rain" by Gail Tremblay. Her art has been up in display since Sept. 22 | Bailey Monteith for The Easterner

By Dayana Morales, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Brewster Hall, on Second Street in downtown Cheney, was renovated two years ago to accommodate for a new gallery space. While the EWU campus does have another gallery, this is a separate location. Both locations being a part of EWU make it hard for some to distinguish one from the other.

“I think we are still kind of a secret from campus,” Art Docent Mackenzie Ley said.

The Downtown Student Gallery is right behind The Mason Jar and ice cream shop, Get The Scoop.

The gallery features students, faculty and guest curated shows, and other occasional exhibits. It is an interactive open space that is free to the public Monday through Friday, noon – 5 p.m.

“It’s kind of interesting since we are out in the Cheney community, we get to see the mixture of the Cheney residents and students. It’s always neat to see them,” Program Coordinator Brooke Nicholson said.

Shows last about two to three months at a time in the gallery.

“We look for what the students would like to see [and] what ties to certain events going on around campus,” said Nicholson. “We look for opportunities for the students, too.”

The program director, Elizabeth Baker, works collaboratively with several members of the EWU community, asks for input and then decides on exhibitors or exhibitions from that point.

Gail Tremblay is the current artist exhibited in the gallery. She is a writer, teacher and mixed media artist. Tremblay currently teaches English, Native American Studies, Art, and Art History at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She advocates for Native Americans, indigenous issues and women artists.

“The things Colonial Angels Witness” by Gail Tremblay. Tremblay advocates for Native Americans through her art | Bailey Monteith for The Easterner

“As an educator, she has influenced more than a generation of native and non-native students and has been instrumental in building Evergreen’s focus on Native arts and Native Studies,” according to Nicholson’s website.

Her exhibit is called “Searching for Ways to Live in the Circle of Things that Support Life,” and will be up for display until Nov. 3.

The staff likes to plan ahead. The year is already planned out for the gallery. They have 2017 until June 2018 covered, except for January. Because the January   artist they had scheduled will no longer be able to attend, they are currently trying to find a replacement.

“Looking at local talent and trying to find the diverse voices, that’s what we are doing right now,” Nicholson said.

“We’ve had some outstanding artists at the gallery and we’re looking forward to showcasing more this year,” Baker said.

For January, they are thinking of a mural type graffiti exhibit.

“We are trying to contact a certain individual. He has amazing murals and quite a story. We are hoping he can attend,” Nicholson said.

The exhibit following Tremblay’s will be the Student Bizarre, a first for the gallery. It will begin Nov. 10 and include 10-15 students and alum. These artists will show and sell their work.

“We will have two different reception nights for this,” said Nicholson. ‘We will have one reception night that will be open later and the students will be here so they can be their own shop seller for their space. We then plan on having one right before it closes kind of like a last chance for holiday shopping.”

They will also have shows for VCD and BFA students. In the summer they will be hosting a quilt show.

“Anyone is encouraged to submit an idea or body of work for consideration. We request high-resolution images, an artist’s statement and contact information,” Baker said.

To do so, visit the EWU downtown gallery page and click on the “contact us” tab. The art gallery invites students and the community to stop in and check them out.

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