Support Girls on the Run with the purchase of grilled cheese


Illustration by Heidi Wachtell

By Kristi Lucchetta, Staff Writer

Grilled Cheese with the GPhiB’s is back for the fourth year in support of Gamma Phi Beta’s mission Girls on the Run (GOTR).

The event will begin March 10 at 9 p.m. and continue until 2 a.m on March 11. The stand will be located at 317 College Street, one block down from Showalter Hall. The girls will be selling grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and more.

“This is our second year doing a late night sale,” said Lauren Ullmann, EWU junior and philanthropy chair for Gamma Phi Beta. “We usually have a couple hundred people turn out. This year, with our growing EWU community, we expect maybe 300 or more to come out.”

Every year Gamma Phi Beta puts on the event with the mission to provide experiences and resources that build spiritual, mental and social resiliency in girls.

“We are preparing for the event by spending lots of time brainstorming and thinking about how to effectively get some yummy grilled cheese to everyone in Cheney,” said EWU sophomore Chanel Winters. “We are so excited to share food with friends and to do something wonderful for our amazing philanthropy.”

The sorority does this through its philanthropic focus, Building Strong Girls, in which it gives the girls confidence to dream big and inspire the female leaders of the future.

This year the money raised will go directly to GOTR, a non-profit youth development program for girls between third and eighth grade.

“Each week they learn a lesson about subjects like fighting bullies, positive body image [and more],” said Ullmann. “They also train and prepare themselves so that at the end of the season they run a 5K.”

The Gamma Phi Betas strive to inspire the highest type of womanhood and that is why they have chosen GOTR as the organization to donate the funds to.

“GOTR is such a wonderful program for girls after school. It’s a mentoring program,” said EWU sophomore Mika Norrish. “Young girls struggle with so much — we are exposed to the media, to other girls, to boys, to older girls — it is just set in our minds at such a young age that it’s so hard to be perfect, yet that’s what you ‘have to be.’”

This year’s goal is to raise $2,000 toward materials used in GOTR lessons, spreading new GOTR programs throughout the country and putting together the 5K races the girls participate in at the end of the program.

“Last year we raised around $1,400, and the year previously we raised about $800, so I hope our donations continue to grow,” Ullmann said.

“We are all working hard together to make this an amazing event,” Winters said.

Delivery is also available on campus by calling 509-359-0837.

Those who are unable to make it to the event but still want to donate can do so at