The Bartlett, putting music first

Spokane venue and bar provides intimate setting for all-ages shows


Photo contributed by The Bartlett

By Ivy Nall, Eagle Life Editor

Black curtains, brick walls, a wooden bar top and low lighting — The Bartlett is simple yet classy. Another sold-out concert on Jan. 22 had over 150 occupants raging in the standing-room-only music venue.

The Bartlett opened its doors two years ago and has brought in electric crowds, such as the one from Friday night, ever since.
The Bartlett is different from other live music bars in Spokane since it focuses on being a concert venue more than a bar. Where most bars in Spokane are first and foremost bars with a stage, The Bartlett’s focal point is the stage and the artists, according to co-owner Karli Ingersoll.

“The overall goal was to create a high-quality performance space for concerts and arts events to enliven the local music scene,” said Karli Ingersoll. “Also, to give a platform to new artists from here and all over country.”

The Bartlett caters to the indie genre of music and is open to all ages, unless otherwise specified. Students who enjoy bands like The Head and The Heart, Beach House or Arcade Fire will always find something to enjoy at this venue.

“The Bartlett is absolutely my favorite music place in Spokane,” EWU sophomore Emily Press said. “I love how it has a bar for my friends who are already 21, but I can still go even though I’m only 20.”

Not only is the Bartlett a perfect space to see a favorite band, but it is also the perfect place to find out about new and upcoming artists. The sound is utterly amazing; the room is undemanding and has a great mood that does not distract from what is happening on stage. Guests clearly attend to fixate on the musicians performing.

“I love music, so being able to constantly be seeing amazing artists perform is the best feeling,” said Karli Ingersoll. “I also love how much I’ve seen it encourage and inspire local musicians; it’s a really spectacular feeling knowing I had something to do with that.”

Caleb Ingersoll, co-owner and Karli’s husband, does all the booking for the venue. Caleb Ingersoll works with booking agents from all over the country who request to have their artists play at The Bartlett. He then decides whether or not the artists would be a good fit to perform.

Along with various selected artists, The Bartlett holds an open mic night at least once a month, in hopes of finding new local talent. The Bartlett’s next show features bands Mama Doll and Moorea Masa, who will perform on Jan 29.

With a professional sound system, large stage, and a great aesthetic vibe, The Bartlett is Spokane’s most exclusive and intimate, all ages music venue.