AUAP students travel for the holiday break

By Rosie Perry, Staff Writer

After wrapping up their final event of 2015, Asia University America Program (AUAP) students are getting excited about their winter break plans.

Director of AUAP Kristina Guilfoyle said her students typically plan to see as much of the United States as they can, so most of them will be heading off to another state for winter break.

Sophomore Yuki Hosokawa plans to travel to New York with his girlfriend for the break. “I am most looking forward to seeing Time Square and the Statue of Liberty,” Hosokawa said.

Though very excited about seeing Manhattan Hosokawa said he is nervous about going due to recent threats from ISIS.

After finals, sophomores Kohei Sugai and Rina Kasahara are heading off to San Francisco and plan to visit Disneyland. “We are most looking forward to watching the countdown to the new year at Disneyland,” Sugai and Kasahara said.

The two are overjoyed about seeing more of the country and are not nervous at all.

Sophomore Asuka Konno will be traveling to Los Angeles. Even though she is traveling alone she could not be more excited and said she has nothing to be nervous about. “I want to see the Hollywood sign,” Konno said.

Sophomore Rina Kato decided she would like to spend her break seeing another country so she will be visiting Canada for the break. Kato and a few friends plan to make stops in Vancouver B.C. and Yellowknife. “I am most looking forward to seeing the Aurora Borealis and watching the dog sleds in Yellowknife,” said Kato.

Whether headed to The Big Apple or Canada these students all said they were very excited for their time traveling.