EWU recognizes its veterans

Country honors former U.S. military members every November

By Daisy Garcia, Staff Writer

Every year, federal buildings close on Nov. 11 in order to recognize Veterans Day. The holiday honors United States veterans for their service to the country and the contributions they have made to national security.

Veterans Day not only honors those who have served in the country’s military, its observance encourages people to appreciate the sacrifices that United States military service veterans make while risking their lives for the country.

According to the Veterans Association website, many people are still confused about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors those who have served honorably in the nation’s military service while Memorial Day is a separate holiday on the last Monday of May that asks the public to remember those who have fought and died serving the U.S. military.

EWU currently has 515 student veterans; that is 515 people who have put their lives on the line. The school’s acknowledgment of the national holiday, by form of closure, this past Wednesday was to honor veterans here at EWU as well as all U.S. veterans.

Student veterans are not the only vets who come to the school. Many EWU alumni veterans make visits to the Veteran Resource Center on campus. Some stop by to support the resource center and others stop by to utilize it. Veteran and EWU alumni Floyd Cloke said, “The school’s support for veterans has really grown since I attended and that is why I keep coming back, to give more support.”
Men photographed below are military veterans that are part of Eastern Washington University’s past and present.