What’s the Deal?!

This is the last one ever

By Sam Deal, Opinion Editor

What’s the deal with people who use the URC as a place to socialize?

The gym is not a place to meet your next date or make weekend plans. It is a place to better yourself. Personal story hour can wait until we are somewhere else.

It is wildly frustrating to take out my headphones just so I can ask an adorable couple to move their conversation out from in front of a machine I want to use. There is no reason that conversation cannot be had at another place.

That space has a purpose and you are just wasting the air of people who would actually like to fulfill that purpose. If you want to waste your own time, be my guest, but don’t waste the time of your peers.

I understand going to the gym with a friend, as long as you are actually working out and
not just there to converse and look good.

And let’s be realistic: No one looks good at the gym, so your effort is going to waste and if that effort includes throwing money at the freshest, most neon clothes you can find, just stop.

Stop getting dressed up to go sweat and get dirty. Stop using the URC for something other than working out. Stop because there may not be a more judgmental place on campus than the gym and we all know what you are up to.

No one there is a professional athlete and spending the money on clothes like you are isn’t fooling anyone.

Clearly, you aren’t there to better yourself; you are there to force social interactions and attract attention. If you could stop wasting everyone else’s time that would be greatly appreciated.