Global Studies Lecture Series coming to EWU

By Mike Hantho, Contributing Writer

On Nov. 17, the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Social Work will host a Global Studies Lecture Series. The speaker will be Bipasha Biswas, Ph.D., an associate professor at EWU’s School of Social Work.

The lecture will take place at the Walter and Myrtle Powers Reading Room, Hargreaves Hall 201 from noon to 1:30 p.m. Biswas will discuss witchcraft, patriarchy and healthcare in the Bay of Bengal in the lecture.

According to Biswas, the intention of this lecture is to give people the understanding that our civilization lives in a globalized world with little cultural isolation.

“As a social worker, I want bring in the kind of work I do with the community there,” said Biswas. “It’s [concerned with] community health and public health, a lot of empowerment and also understanding the grounds of gender and gender disparity, along with help and access to healthcare.”

Dr. Biswas said her hope for the lecture is to have students and community members be aware of the globalized world.

“Even though I’m sitting in Cheney, talking about this event, people living in this part of the islands are part of my larger physic,” said Biswas. “That’s who I grew up with, who I work with and who I have a professional relationship with.”