Loud library patrons need to zip it

By Sam Deal, Opinion Editor

What’s the Deal with disrespectful students at the library?

When I’m at the library, my lone goal is to accomplish some massive load of school work. I try to pick a quiet, distraction-free area that I can concentrate in.

Too often, my hiding places are being invaded by loud-mouthed groups of friends with no interest in respecting the needs of their fellow students.

Basic rules of decency must not apply to you.

If you want to run down the events from the night before, please be my guest. Just do it out in the middle of campus where your laughter won’t constantly interrupt my focus playlist.

Trust me, there is no one else who really cares about the entire bottle of Stoli you finished “all by yourself.”

If your studies don’t concern you, don’t frequent a place that is occupied by those who do care.

This pertains not only to the library, but to all quiet areas during class hours. Some of us use that space to do this crazy thing called studying. And nothing is more frustrating than hearing a conversation outside a classroom drown out the professor’s lecture.

In case, you don’t understand what I am saying: Shut up.

To my fellow students who’ve at least discovered the appropriate noise levels in the library, remember being loud isn’t the only disruptive breach of librarian code committed on a daily basis.

I get hungry too and have been known to munch on a snack or 12 while pumping through essays but pick up after your damn self. Your mother isn’t here to clean up your soda bottles and granola wrappers, nor should she have to be. So don’t expect university staff to do it for you.

There are four trash cans from the information desk to the exit, providing ample opportunities to be a good person by disposing of your filth.

Finally, if you’re single and studying by yourself don’t take an entire table in the group study areas. Based on everything I just said, the chances of you actually accomplishing anything are very low.

It’s infuriating when I meet with a group to knock out a project and we can’t find a spot because one person is commandeering a group table. I want to spend the absolute minimal amount of time with these people, but instead I have to waste an additional ten minutes trying to find a seat.

All because you couldn’t show a little more courtesy to your peers.

When you walk into JFK just remember that the building is a shared privilege for all of us, not your personal playpen.

I mean c’mon, what’s the deal.