Mr. and Ms. Eastern switched for EWU Royalty Pageant title

SAIL decides to step away from gender specifics


Photo by Melanie Flint

2015-2016 Royalty Court

By Rosie Perry, Staff Writer

This year SAIL leadership has decided to shake things up with Mr. and Ms. Eastern by removing gendered titles and re-naming the contest The 2015-2016 Royalty Pageant.

It was brought to the attention of SAIL that many students may be uncomfortable with having to subscribe to a gender pronoun. In response, SAIL director Stacey Reece, in conjunction with the rest of her team, decided it was time for a change.

Though still very new to EWU, the change seems to be going over well with contestants. Senior Danielle Terrell said she likes the change because it is more inclusive and it is no longer about identification. Sophomore Kennedi Newman agreed with Terrell and added, “I like it because people might feel more comfortable trying out now.” Another contestant, sophomore Seth Cook, said even though the change did not personally affect him, he was still pleased that EWU is working towards being all-inclusive.

Due to the change there will no longer be two winners and two full courts, there will simply be the winner and the court comprised of two runners up.

Since EWU has done away with the gender specific pronouns, this year’s winner was able to choose their own title. Advisor for campus programs Sundi Musnicki joked about calling the winner the “Regal Eagle,” and contestant Danielle Silverstone said her title would be “Supreme Queen of the Universe of Eastern.”

These titles may seem a bit out there, but that is the idea behind the change. SAIL wants to get more people involved and being themselves.

Contestants are judged on three categories. First, they must demonstrate a philanthropic cause; second, they perform a talent; and third, they are judged on their ability to answer an impromptu question.

This year’s pageant featured 15 individuals who likely made the judges decision extremely hard.

The 2015-2016 members of the court are Seth Cook –sponsored by Cheney Parks & Rec– and Velvet Sewell, sponsored by snyamncut Hall. This year’s winner is Nahiely Heredia, sponsored by Sigma Lambda Gamma. Heredia said she would like to keep to tradition and has selected the title of Ms. Eastern.

After being crowned queen Heredia said, “I am most excited to be of service to the community and to be a role model for anyone who wants to try out.”

Anyone interested in trying out for future Royalty Pageants can sign up on EagleSync and need only meet the following requirements: 2.8 grade point average, have attended EWU for at least one quarter and be sponsored by an organization which they are affiliated with.