Police Beat

By Mike Manning, Administrative Assistant

October 26
10:12 p.m.
An argument between two male roommates in Morrison Hall led to a physical altercation. Campus police responded and both were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.

October 29
9:35 a.m.
It was reported that a locked bicycle was stolen from behind Pearce Hall. The bicycle is a black Schwinn mountain bike with red writing. There are currently no leads or suspects.

October 30
12:26 a.m.
Alcohol Offense
Upon closing for the night, PUB employees found an unconscious male in the cyber cafe. It was discovered that the male was heavily intoxicated and he was arrested.

October 30
7 p.m.
Campus police responded to the reported smell of marijuana in Morrison Hall. Officers made contact with a male visiting from University of Idaho. He was charged with minor in possession, cited and released.

October 31
Alcohol Offense
(need a confirmed time)
A student was found to be heavily intoxicated in Pearce Hall. They were transported for hospitalization. A male who was involved was cited for failure to provide information to police and referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.

October 31
9:15 p.m.
Alcohol Offense
A group of students was found consuming alcohol in LA Hall. Two students were arrested for minor in possession and four were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.