Police Beat


Illustration by Linlin Xing

By Claire Simpson, Art Director

October 12

10:53 p.m.


Two intoxicated students were found behind Streeter Hall and referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


October 14

12:10 a.m.


Three students were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities after they were found intoxicated in Morrison Hall.


October 15

5:35 p.m.

Weapons Offense

A resident of Morrison Hall expressed concern when they noticed a fellow resident in possession of an aftermarket taser. The weapon was seized.


October 13

9:22 a.m.


A counterfeit $20 bill was found in one of the bookstore registers. There are no leads or suspects.


October 16

10:30 p.m.


Five students who were caught drinking in Brewster Hall were referred to Student Rights and Responsibilities.


October 17

11:52 p.m.


The roommate of a highly intoxicated resident of snyamncut Hall called the police out of concern for the resident’s health. The individual was vomiting uncontrollably, and medical personnel transported them to Deaconess Hospital.


October 17

3 p.m.

Weapons Offense

It was reported that a resident of snyamncut Hall had large knives in their possession. Officers searched the room and found marijuana in addition to the knives. The individual was arrested.


October 18

2:30 a.m.


There was a break-in at Showalter Hall. The perpetrator had pulled a fire extinguisher down from the wall and sprayed the contents up and down a third-floor hallway. It is unknown how they entered the building, and there are no leads or suspects.