Real Beauty Week 2015

EWU students kick off the year by crushing their insecurities


Photo by Melanie Flint

Stephanie Toro creating her plate.

By Kalli Wolf, Staff Writer

Real Beauty Week 2015 kicked off with students writing their insecurities down on a plate and throwing them in the trash. This event was called “Write it Down, Let it Go” and was held in the Campus Mall on Oct. 19.

Beauty Week is put on by Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership and Eagle Entertainment. The goal is to help everyone involved build self-confidence and improve how they view themselves.

Jessica Walker, EWU junior and SAIL Program Specialist and Office Aide, was working the Write it Down, Let it Go event and said that Beauty Week is her favorite event they do all year. Students wrote down anything from classes they were struggling with to appearance issues they battle with on a daily basis. Some plates were filled up entirely, while others had just a few words.

“I think this kind of stuff is wonderful. We need to have these kinds of conversations in our society,” said EWU senior Avery Anderson. She said it is a good way for people to do something for themselves anonymously. “It gives everyone a little bit of something that could help,” she said.

“I think it’s a good stress reliever, a good thing to let go of. Being able to smash it physically helps you smash it mentally,” said Taylor Eoff, an EWU student. “You don’t have to tell anyone, you can just write it down for yourself and do it for yourself.”

Walker said they started with 100 plates and by noon a good majority of them were gone.

For Beauty Week, events will be put on throughout the week, ending on Thursday Oct. 22 with the “Dear World” event. There will be a photo shoot during the day, inviting all students who would like to be involved, and a keynote at 7:00 p.m. in the PUB Multi Purpose Room where students of all cultures, backgrounds and religions will be empowered to share their hopes and struggles with fellow Eagles.

Other events included a TedTalk about inner beauty on Oct. 20, and a Yoga and Yogurt event the evening of Oct. 20. The Circle of Sisterhood event will take place on Oct. 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Campus Mall.

Students can contact the SAIL office at (509) 359-7924 for more information.