Students show their love for Thomas Hammer

By Rosie Perry, Staff Writer

With the brisk fall mornings nipping at noses and harsh fall winds blowing through the campus grounds, several students may be in search of that one perfect cup of coffee. Thomas Hammer has been serving the students of Eastern since 1994 and is located on the first floor of the PUB across from the multi-purpose room.

Opening at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday, Thomas Hammer is the only place on campus early birds can go to get their fix before the clock strikes seven.
Manager Alison Grimes said she loves working for Thomas Hammer and truly believes in the products they serve.

“I love my schedule.

I love all of my employees, and I really like the college atmosphere here; everyone is always welcome and happy,” said Grimes.

She went on to say, “Our coffee is amazing; the products that we use here are tested through our employees and through our headquarters. We all approve of them and it is a very consistent product as well as very high quality, and we are a local roaster so we roast our beans here.”

Thomas Hammer’s menu has several drinks to choose from, but Grimes said the two most popular drinks are the Velvet Hammer and the Jackhammer. A Velvet Hammer is an iced coffee drink with both white and dark chocolate, and a Jackhammer is a hot drink flavored with dark chocolate, honey and cinnamon.

Grimes wanted everyone at EWU to know that she and the rest of the Thomas Hammer family are thankful to them for making the store so busy and they love seeing all of the customers everyday.

Thomas Hammer also serves a variety of non-coffee drinks, with their most popular one being chai tea.

EWU student Hannah Weber said, “Not only do I like how friendly the baristas are,but their chai tea is the best around.”

Thomas Hammer is also the favorite of EWU students Andrew Logan and Arik Reyes. Logan said, “Thomas Hammer is honestly the only good coffee stand on campus.”

Reyes specifically noted the staff. “The staff here is very friendly,” Reyes said. “They make me feel happy to get coffee or tea first thing in
the morning.”

All three students, on average, get coffee or tea at least three times a week and each one of them said if they are on campus they always go to Thomas Hammer.

Going off student opinion, Thomas Hammer has done a great job serving the students of EWU the past 21 years and, hopefully, will continue to do so for many years to come.