Letter to the Editor: The best way to choose your major

By Habeeb Al Hyrani, EWU Student

The best way to choose your major


In the academic ladder, it is usually essential to choose the best major among the many choices available for the students.

A well-selected major will reflect the learner’s educational background, interests and his or her future career plans. Thus, it is crucial to choose the best major through an informed decision. This essay discusses devoted ways to choose one’s major.

Before choosing the optional major in college, it is of paramount importance to consider your interests, passions and values. These are the essential attributes to choosing a major that will fulfill the future and current needs of every learner. For example, some students have interests in engineering studies, thus should choose the engineering majors. Conversely, others have passions in entrepreneurship and thus should choose business courses. Also, the learners should weigh the values of a given major in their life and determine the course of their interest that has the highest perceived value to them.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the career prospects while selected the most appropriate major. Different individuals have different opportunities in their future careers where some aspire to join teaching, medical, or business, among many other professions. In this case, the student should factor these prospects in their choice of majors and choose their courses accordingly. However, the career expectation should not obsess a learner from choosing the right major in his field of interest and personal passions. He or she should be free in selecting the best course that is considered to fulfill the personal attributes and preferences.

Moreover, a learner should make personal decisions without the interferences of the parents and the other community members. In case of clarifications on a given subject, it is advisable to seek the guidance of the career counselors or guardians.

Habeeb Al Hyrani