Police Beat

By Claire Simpson, Copy Editor

April 13
2:10 p.m.
Stolen Property
A stolen bicycle was found outside the URC. It had been taken from a bicycle rack, that it was not chained to, outside Showalter Hall on April 9.

April 25
1:49 p.m.
A student reported unauthorized use of his credit card, which had been maxed out without his knowledge. The perpetrator charged a total of $2,700 worth of items to the card. The investigation is pending.

April 28
3:44 a.m.
Traffic Violation
An officer ran the license plate of the driver of a silver Mercedes-Benz traveling along Elm Street late at night. A search turned up that his license was suspended in the third degree for traffic tickets. He was cited and released.

April 28
8:30 a.m.
Malicious Mischief
Sometime in the early morning, 22 parked cars were vandalized in P16. Estimated to total $4,000, the damage included broken and missing side mirrors, windshield wipers and antennas, in addition to scratched paint. A social media investigation is currently underway.

April 28
12:39 p.m.
It was reported that a black and pink bicycle had been stolen from a rack outside the JFK Library. She had locked it there on April 24 and when she came to retrieve the bicycle four days later, it was gone.