Doughnut shop crafts sweet snacks


Photo by Laura Lango

Casual Friday Donuts is located at 3402 N. Division Street in Spokane.

By Laura Lango, Photographer

Nestled in downtown Spokane where Dawn of the Donut used to be, Casual Friday Donuts is the resurrected coffee and donut stop. Vintage wood furnishings, a new logo and a renovated storefront, which includes new bar seating, has replaced the fake blood and dark windows.

Bought by Joe and Amber Owens of Celebrations Bakery, the store reopened as Casual Friday Donuts on Sept. 15, 2014, with an entirely new look.

The Owenses did, however, keep the staff of Dawn of the Donut. Manager Nikki Roberts said the store is doing well since it reopened as Casual Friday Donuts.

“I see a lot more customers than I did when we were Dawn of the Donut,” said Roberts.

The doughnuts are all new as well; Roberts added that, “When we were Dawn of the Donut, we did [doughnuts] out of a mix, but with the takeover, we make it all from scratch now. It’s a much better recipe; they turn out a lot better.”

There are now vegan doughnut options on the menu, with gluten-free options on the way. The shop also serves Thomas Hammer espresso and coffee and there are plans to start offering beer and wine choices in the future.

The shop also does catering. Confections are packed up for the road where they are taken to weddings, parties and events in Spokane.

In addition to the daily morning deliveries to 23 ZipTrip gas station locations, Casual Friday Donuts offers a drive-through window, which starts at 6 a.m. All of the doughnuts are priced $2 or under.

Speaking from experience, the doughnuts, made fresh every morning, hold their flavor and texture well into the afternoon, though by closing time at 3 p.m., there are often many flavors sold out for the day. However, the upside of an afternoon trip to Casual Friday Donuts is the afternoon price markdowns.

Speaking as somewhat of a doughnut snob, I must confess that Casual Friday Donuts does it just right. Though the N. Division Street storefront is a bit out of the way from the usual downtown cafés, it’s well worth a stop.

The new atmosphere is warm and inviting and the care that went into these made-from-scratch recipes definitely shows up in the quality flavor of the batter.

With plenty of specialty flavors rolling through, there is always something left in the display case a customer may find they have not tried yet.

As for flavor suggestions, Roberts said she recommends the new Butterfinger doughnut. “It’s going to be one of my favorites,” she said.