EWU Condomania presents safe sexual health activities

By Nathan Peters, Managing Editor

As Eastern wrapped up its annual sexual health awareness week, Condomania proved to be a hit once again. The yearly, three-hour event focused on activities that promote and educate safe, sober and consensual sex.

The event was held in The Roost lobby where tables with activities were spread out in a wide circle. There were additional tables downstairs where attendees could learn how to properly put on condoms, climb the rock wall and receive free condoms.

One topic at the event was healthy relationships: There are two people in a relationship, not just one. Student Kylee Welch said, “It’s important for students to know about safe sex and how it doesn’t just affect one person.”

There were three partners at the event: Spokane AIDS Network, Planned Parenthood and Lutheran Community Services. The Spokane Aids Network offered quick-result AIDS testing during the event. The other partners had booths explaining and educating students on the services they provide.

The name of the event, Condom Mania, was purposeful — the name serves to remind students about contraceptives. Director of Health and Wellness Services Tricia Hughes said a survey was conducted resulting in a good number of students reporting they had not used a contraceptive during their last sexual encounter.

Not only was the event informational, but free items, condoms for example, were given away.

Health and Wellness Services intern Jahtia Benton said, “[Students] should come next year because they need to know about their sexual health.”