EWU Greek life a tool for enhancing the college experience

By Nathan Peters, Managing Editor

With seven fraternities and eight sororities on campus, Eastern has provided tools for students to take charge of their college experience.

Through intramural sports, networking, leadership opportunities, academic support and philanthropy and community service, Greek organizations at Eastern are ways for students to learn valuable skills transferrable throughout college and beyond.

While Greek life comes with many stereotypes, there are actual benefits and positive things these Greek organizations do on their campuses and communities that are neither noticed nor recognized. At Eastern, Greek life participates in community outreach projects such as “Rake a Difference” where groups go out and rake leaves in the surrounding community during the fall.

Sterling Treacy, Gamma Phi Beta president, said there are many stereotypes surrounding fraternities and sororities where students come to Eastern with preconceived ideas and do not even go through the recruitment process to see what Greek life is really about. She said her sorority provided her leadership opportunities, a home away from home and helped her grow individually.

Fraternities and sororities are so much more than just a way to grow your social circle. The Greek organizations at Eastern provide leadership opportunities, academic support and friendships that better prepare its members for life after college. Alumni of each Greek organization also are avenues of connections for members to network.

Chloe Jenkins, Alpha Omicron Pi sorority member, said, “I think that when you have a Greek community at a school, especially at Eastern with it being so small, it kind of brings students closer together.” She said she would not have talked to nearly as many people in the community if they had not been a part of Greek life.

Through their members, Greek organizations are involved in many other student clubs and organizations across campus. Seven out of the 12 ASEWU officers and three out of the five ASEWU Supreme Court justices are members of Greek organizations, with some also holding executive positions within their own Greek organizations.

Beta Theta Pi President Brendan Hargrave said, “I think that if people are looking to be greater than what they are right now, then the Greek system provides that, it truly does. It’s not going to do it for you, of course, but it provides an avenue for you to reach your goals and to create new ones.”

Eastern’s Greek system is a tool for undergraduate students to enhance their college experience through the opportunities the organizations provide. Because what these organizations are able to provide for students, I believe there is a need for more Greek organizations on campus to improve and enhance students’ college experience.