Classes at Eastern oriented to make more money

By Rebekah Frank, Staff Writer

Before I start, this let me disclose two things: I am a business major, so my experience is based solely on classes related to that major, and this is my own opinion of those classes.

I am a senior this year, so I have been looking into graduating spring quarter 2015. As a general business major, I have many elective options in different fields such as accounting, management, operations management and management information systems.

When I decided what elective courses sounded most interesting, and would best apply to my career, I was disappointed to find out that the majority of them were only offered at the Riverpoint Campus. Nothing against Riverpoint, but Cheney is Eastern’s main campus, so why is Riverpoint the only option?

After learning I would be spending the majority of my time at Riverpoint, I thought about switching my major to Management Information Systems. However, after looking into the classes I would have to take, I learned the first required class was only offered in Cheney during one quarter and I had already missed it.

Because I couldn’t take that one class in fall quarter 2014, I would have to wait to take it during fall quarter 2015. The next issue was that the class is a prerequisite for the next two classes I would have to take.

Basically, I am supposed to take the first class fall quarter, the second class winter quarter and the third class spring quarter. If I had stayed with the Management Information Systems major, I would have to be at Eastern another year and wouldn’t graduate until spring 2016.

What frustrates me about this is the way the classes are set up is to make more money for the school and cost more to the student. If I were to stay another year and get the Management Information Systems major, that is an extra three quarters worth of tuition that Eastern receives.

My other option is to take the classes at Riverpoint, even though I moved to Cheney so I wouldn’t have to commute to campus. Then I would have to drive, in the snow, to Riverpoint and sit in a four hour class once a week.

The most irritating part of this whole setup is that Eastern wouldn’t be anything without the students that come here. So my question is: Why doesn’t Eastern offer classes that would make the students’ lives easier? I mean, we are juggling enough as it is between school, work, family and other obligations.

My suggestion is Eastern needs to send out a survey to students in each department asking what locations and times would work best for them. Then Eastern should offer every class required for every major twice a year at Cheney and once a year at Riverpoint.

That would not only help solve my problem, but it would also make me feel more dedicated to my school because I’d know it’s dedicated to helping me receive my education.