Eastern shreds at annual Rail Jam

EPIC hosts The Grind Rail Jam


Photo by Jessica Hawley

Snowboarders watch another participant as they wait in line at the rail jam to shred powder on Oct. 5.

By Mike Hantho, Staff Writer

EWU Students were able to snowboard and ski right on campus as fake snow piled the ground with rails and jumps set up to enhance the unique experience.

This was The Grind and was hosted by Campus REC on Oct. 25.

The Grind is an annual snowboarding and skiing event that takes place on the field behind the JFK Library.

Dustin Semb, athletic specialist and co-organizer of the event, said this was the eighth year that EWU has hosted The Grind.

For $10 students could watch or ride five different snowboarding and skiing events.

Semb also said that a lot of free stuff was given out to spectators and riders; including tickets to Mt. Hood, helmets, T-shirts and many other prizes.

“The Grind keeps getting better,” said Semb. “Each year we are getting bigger sponsors, giving out more lift tickets and selling trips through EPIC. We even have professional judges for The Grind this year.”

Dorothy Nutter, a Spokane resident, said that The Grind is amazing and that it is an excellent way to practice before winter season snowboarding arrives.

“It’s awesome to get the feel of snowboarding before the season starts,” said Nutter. “It gets you in the mood and gets you stoked [for snowboarding]. I love competitive snowboarding, which made the rail riding [here] very enjoyable. The Grind overall lived up to my expectations.”

Nutter also said that it is great how the sponsors came out to support The Grind.

Nate Adams, an EWU senior, said, “It’s sick how people not even from Eastern are also participating, just like a community. I also like how many sponsors we were able to get, and I want to thank them. It’s pretty sweet overall.”

Adams also said he hopes EWU is able to continue hosting The Grind and get more sponsors.

“People should be here [at The Grind],” said Semb. “There are not many other places where you can walk out of the residence halls and get a free snowboard. There are new features every year, so each year just gets better.”