‘Untitled’ gallery poetic in nature

Marvin Smith addresses the audience at the EWU Gallery of Art on Oct. 8.

Photo by Laura Lango

Marvin Smith addresses the audience at the EWU Gallery of Art on Oct. 8.

By Ayanna Fernandez, Staff Writer

After retiring as chair of the department for Theatre and Film from Eastern Washington University in 2013, Marvin Smith returned to campus to showcase his artwork entitled “Untitled.”

A crowd gathered around the gallery as Smith spoke about the inspiration behind his work and the methods he used in his paintings.

Smith said he was inspired by the book of Genesis in the Bible and how it explains the creation of the universe.

Smith said the story and its poetic nature intrigued him.

“God is described as a wind. It talks about the wind on the water and later on the Garden of Eden,” Smith said. “It talks about the wind going through the afternoon, so I said, ‘Okay,’ [l] took that idea and wanted to create something with it.”

Smith’s “Untitled” paintings had a common structure; lines. He also used color and light to illustrate peace and serenity.

Barbara Miller, Eastern’s Art historian professor was in attendance at the gallery and said she could not help but view Smith’s work as a critic and not just a viewer.

Miller said she thought Smith’s work was rich. Overall, she was impressed.

“Art is personal,” Miller said. “It is about what the viewer feels, sees and thinks after viewing a piece.”

EWU Junior William Song, a studio art major, felt a connection to the art.

Song said the art he liked most were the ones centered around that concept. He said he felt at peace and calm while viewing them.

“It was really interesting when he talked about the Buddhist aspect of it,” Song said. “It seems like a lot of it was revolved about that aspect, the whole relaxation: breathing in, breathing out.”

“Untitled” will be showcased until Nov. 25 in the EWU Art Building gallery.