Lady Eagles golf teams sets new cleats on the green

By Mike Hantho, Staff Writer

The Eastern Eagles’ golf team has introduced three new players to the team, and performed well after fighting two tournaments against difficult schools; however, the team has more than it’s fair share of challenges to face this season.

The first was at Corvallis, Oregon for the opening season tournament, and the second at Pullman, Washington for the Washington State University Cougar Cup Tournament.

At Corvallis, the team finished in 10th place with a total score of 940. At Pullman, the team finished in ninth place with a team score of 929, all scores according to

Brenda Howe, the head coach of Eastern’s Golf team, stated that the team and its new additions have had an excellent start to their season.

The team has acquired three new athletes; one is incoming freshman Annie Leete of Oak Harbor High School in Oak Harbor, Washington. The second is Kimberlie Miyaomoto of Baldwin High School in Kahului, Hawaii. Finally, the third is junior Brooklyn Kraakman of Deroche, British Columbia, and is a transfer from Alabama State.

“I can say that we’ve had some new players that have come in and have played well right away. There is usually a little bit of a transition period but I feel like we’ve added depth and some experience to where the transition might be minimal,” said Howe.

This ease of transition is also reflected in the attitudes of the more experienced golfers of the team.

Maddie Dodge, a junior, also expressed excitement for the new season and the new players. Having been on the starting lineup for EWU last fall and spring, Dodge has a good amount of experience in teamwork.

“I think that having more players this year is making us work even harder and to be a more competitive team. Our performances so far this year have been really exciting. It’s very encouraging to see your teammates working so hard and wanting to reach that next level”, said Dodge. “ Having three new players this year has been really cool, and they’re all very solid players and definitely an asset to our team.”

However, there are struggles and trials facing them along their journey as scholar-athletes, said Howe.

“Golfers have historically been amazing students and the past couple of years we’ve dropped a little in our GPA. There will definitely be a bigger presence in Study Hall this year”, said Howe. “On the golf course, this might be the most talented group I’ve had in my 6 years.

The odds are slightly stacked against Eastern’s golf team with the new recruits earning experience and with Eastern fighting tougher schools like Washington State University and Portland State University.

However, according to Dodge, their potential for success this season is great.

“I’m excited to see what this year holds and to see each of my teammates improve. We love this game and are out there every day working to be better competitors and teammates,” said Dodge.