Eagle Entertainment offers students a chance to walk on the wild side

By Bekah Frank
staff writer
[email protected]

Photo by Karissa Berg  Beth Miles got her ears pierced at the Walk on the Wild Side event.
Photo by Karissa Berg
Beth Miles got her ears pierced at the Walk on the Wild Side event.

Students lined up at 7 p.m on the evening of Nov. 21 to socialize, eat pizza, drink Monsters and Walk on the Wild Side.

Brittany Hall, Eagle Entertainment event coordinator, brought a different event to campus than what students are used to. This event offered students a variety of options to participate in, including henna tattoos, airbrush tattoos, discounted piercings, a Monster bar, free pizza and hair chalk.

“We like to change it up a little bit,” said Hall.

Hall said that when planning the Walk on the Wild Side, she had an agenda to bring an event to campus which would allow students to express themselves in different ways.

The students who participated expressed themselves in whatever way they wanted to. EWU senior Madlyn Chau took advantage of the discounted piercings by Bullet Proof Tattoos and got her ear cartilage pierced that night. “I think this is a really cool event for students who don’t have enough money to get a piercing and go to an actual shop,” said Chau.

Many of the students who came participated in the piercings thanks to the discounts that were given out. The reaction of the students who participated in the piercings was also very diverse. Some students were so excited, they called their friends to tell them. Others were shocked as they walked away saying things,“ I can’t believe I just pierced my nose.”

Another student who took advantage of the discounted piercings was EWU freshman Paige Helms, who got her belly button pierced. “I think it is cool,” says Helms. “It is cheap [because] we are in college, so it is reasonable.”

Eagle Entertainment Visual Design Coordinator Reanna Lee helped Hall run this event by holding students’ hair up to be colored with hair chalk.

“This is one of my favorite events,” said Lee. “It brings in a different crowd than what our usual events bring. We usually bring in a lot of freshmen, and this is more of a diverse community of students.”

The event attracted students of many different ages and personalities. EWU junior Muzit Kiflai said, “I think it gives people the opportunity to do something that they have always wanted to do, but have been scared to do so. They just go out and do it now.”

That was true for many students, especially those who participated in the discount piercings. There were some students who were terrified to get something pierced, so they had a friend sit with them while they did it. Others were just excited for the deal they were getting, and had their friends videotape them getting their piercing.

This event definitely brought many emotions to the students who were involved. The majority of those emotions were fear, anticipation, excitement, uncertainty and of course danger.

“Everything here is a little edgy,” said Lee.