Sixth annual Blitz event gets EWU students active

By Kelly Manalo, Staff Writer

Fabian Ruiz participates in activities at The Blitz event in EWU's Jim Thorpe Fieldhouse on May 29th. Photo by: Sam Sargeant
Fabian Ruiz participates in activities at The Blitz event in EWU’s Jim Thorpe Fieldhouse on May 29th. Photo by: Sam Sargeant

The Blitz brought students and campus life together in the Jim Thorpe Fieldhouse for music, fun and games.

The purpose of the event was to celebrate the year of Campus Recreation. “It’s a combination of programs putting the word out for students to kick-start next year’s marketing campaign for all Campus Recreation programs,” said Director of Intramural Sports Mike Campitelli.

Even though the event was hosted indoors, there was a larger turnout this year than last.

Campus Recreation hosts two big events at the beginning and end of the year, Rec-Splosion in the fall and the Blitz in the spring, according to Campitelli.

New activities this year included EPIC tarp surfing, slack lining, gyroscope and zorb human rolling balls. Students were given a passport upon entering that could be stamped off at each station.

The zorb balls is a new inflatable game where a person steps inside an inflatable rolling ball and races another person down the track and back, according to Campitelli. Even Swoop was spotted running in it.

Once a participant finished four events, they could get a raffle ticket and a free meal from EWU Dining Services.

Raffle ticket winners went home with new longboards, a bicycle, gift cards and more prizes summing up to $1,000.

Demo sports were held on a padded tatami mat. Aikido, boxing, fencing and kendo demonstrations were held throughout the event.

There was inflatable games, a climbing wall and a celebrity dunk tank with staff from key areas of Student Affairs.

“I work for ASEWU. We always like to help out with these events,” said senior and communication studies in public relations major Lauren Reyes.

Reyes job was to sit in the dunk tank. “My first strategy was to try and be friends with them because you can’t dunk a friend, but that didn’t work well. So then you try and distract them so they don’t focus on the target.”

The Club Sports Federation use the event as an early recruiting tool for next year, according to Campitelli. This year, 10 different clubs hosted sport related games.

“We are just showing people how awesome it is to shoot arrows and how easy it is. Everyone loves shooting arrows,” said vice president of the Archery Club Brandon Chea.

The club members at the event were showing participants proper aiming, how to notch the arrow, and how to pull it back. “The rest is practice, you got to get used to it and you got to get better with it,” said Chea.

The Archery Club meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the back playfields. “If you don’t have [a bow and arrow] you can still come and shoot and have fun,” said Chea. There are club bows that are available to all members.

The Sportsman Club taught the basics of casting to a specific target. “Being accurate when casting is very important,” said Sportsman Club vice president Nick Hayes.

“[Participating in the Blitz] is a good way to get people to know the basics and have fun with it and try something new,” said Hayes.

Main sponsors of the event were the Club Sport Federation, Intramural Sports and EPIC Adventures. There was also support from Health and Wellness Prevention Services, The University Recreation Center, Eagle Entertainment, EWU Dining and Catering Services and the Service and Activities Fee Committee.