Spring weather allows for outdoor activities

By Kelly Manalo, Staff Writer

Moran Lentini checks off items for a weekend adventure. Students can rent various equipment such as climbing shoes, tents and sleeping bags.
Photo by: Anna Mills. Moran Lentini checks off items for a weekend adventure. Students can rent various equipment such as climbing shoes, tents and sleeping bags.


The sun is out, and Experiential Programs Inspiring Confidence Adventures, or EPIC, has a lot to offer students who want to take advantage of being in the outdoors.

There are weekend and day trips offered this quarter, and as soon as trips are advertised, students can sign up.

EPIC offers rental equipment for camping, cooking and river rafting. They have over 70 items to choose from. Items can be reserved weeks in advance to guarantee the item will be there.

Communication studies major and junior Saki Murakami would recommend other students to use EPIC. “They have good deals. You don’t have to pay much money to rent the equipment. It’s cheaper than renting at other places.”

For a weekend trip, students are suggested to sign up two months in advance because trips fill up quickly.

“Sometimes, if waitlists gets big enough, we’ll make another trip happen,” said Outdoor Program Director John Fair.

If a group of friends want to go on a trip together, EPIC can help schedule a trip.

Day trips are posted on Facebook and are open with lots of available spots. “If someone wants to go and try paddle boarding for a day, try rock climbing, we have lots of spots available for those,” said Fair.

All rafting trips and most rock climbing trips are open to people of any skill level. “We cater to beginners. We really cater to people trying it for the first time,” said Fair.

Surf clinics are offered during the summer with stand-up paddleboards on river waves. “So far, nine out of 10 people have surfed on their first day. We did it in four hours,” said Fair.

Rafting trips are popular, and in the summertime the most popular rental items are rafts. “White water rafting is the best in spring quarter because that’s when the most water is in the river,” said Fair.

Mountaineering trips are only offered in the spring and summer at EPIC. The main difference between hiking and mountaineering is snow and steepness. “It’s basically hiking with some technical components. We take ropes and ice axes with us,” said Fair.

Last summer, government and communication studies major and senior Cody Thompson went with EPIC on a day trip of rock climbing, paddle boating and ziplining.

“The people that work there are very hands-on. They get really involved and [are] helpful. For example, when we were going on that trip they were there and they were being that figure to make sure we didn’t do anything silly but they were also laid back,” said Thompson.

Thompson went with his coworkers as a break from three weeks of training and staff bonding for community advisers in the residence halls.

“It’s good to let people know [about EPIC]. It’s a resource that they have that they’re not really taking advantage of,” said Thompson.

“I want to do something in the water. When it’s this weather, it’s so nice. I definitely recommend people use EPIC when it’s nicer out. I feel like it’s a good time when it’s sunny, you get to be outdoors and not be cold,” said Thompson.

Students interested in any upcoming trips are encouraged to sign up immediately because time is running out, according to Fair. For upcoming events, check out EPIC’s Facebook page.