Pinkies up, pencils down, time for class etiquette

Pro tips for punctuality and politeness

By Jasmine Kemp, Eagle Life Writer

Illustration by Vania Tauvela
Illustration by Vania Tauvela


It is two minutes before class starts and for some blasted reason there is still a class working hard like it has only been 10 minutes since class began.

I don’t know what it is, but I don’t understand why it is so hard to look at the clock and make sure what the time is. I have been ranted at by instructors and professors about time management and they cannot even do it themselves.

Yes, okay. I get there are variables that make classes stay late, but my classmates and I should not have to walk into one of our classes five minutes before it starts and watch those from the previous one in our desks incorrectly simplifying polynomials.

We are not in high school anymore. We do not get the pleasure of having instructors with their own rooms. We get to do this thing called sharing. I am pretty sure we started learning what that was in preschool, but who knows, maybe college is where we start learning it.

All I want is for everyone, students included, to be considerate of the classes before and after yours. Your design class is not the only class that will ever, in the history of the planet, be in that classroom. Your math class is not the only math class that has to cover difficult material.

Being considerate is not that hard. Pro tip: If students are still trying to finish a test five minutes before another class starts, maybe it would be wise to pick up those test materials and continue the darn thing in an office or library space.

Another thing: 10:47 a.m. does not mean it is OK to start walking into a classroom full of people. It means it is 10:47 a.m., and there are still three minutes of class left. I do not need to be distracted by the door opening and closing and my own mind trying to turn the noises it makes into the next Skrillex hit.

There is also the noise issue. If I am sitting in my German class I should not be able to hear about someone’s pregnancy scare through the closed door. I would rather be learning how to say, “the arsonist has oddly shaped feet,” auf Deutsch.

We do not have hall monitors, we do not have big brother lurking down our backs to tell us to shut up. It is up to everyone, students, instructors and even the construction guys laughing loudly in the hallways, to remember how much it would be annoying to have to sit in class and be distracted.

So be kind, suck it up and stand out in the hallway quietly, students. Instructors and professors can suck it up, be kind and practice their time management that they oh so love to lecture us about.