Dance Force works to build team

By Amye Ellsworth, Senior Reporter

The Eastern Dance Force is looking forward to building a team this year full of dedicated dancers who are willing to teach and learn from each other, according to captain Jade Adams and co-captain Lauren Hope.


Adams, a senior with four years of experience on the team, said she has never actually had any professional dance training. “When I came here [to Eastern] I loved dance so much I joined this team immediately, and I learned about jazz and ballet from the team that was already here.”


Hope is a junior who has been dancing on the team for three years. She has been dancing and playing sports since she was young.


The team is accepting any type of dance background. “We like accepting new styles that we’ve never seen before and learning from each other.” Adams said. Adams explained that the diversity on their team comes from trying to get as many people interested in joining as possible.


This diversity allows the Dance Force to incorporate many different styles of dance into their choreography. “Already we’ve done jazz, ballet and hip-hop. We’ve started a little bit of drill and props, lyrical, contemporary. Over the summer I started learning break dance.” Adams said.


Adams said her favorite style of dance was ballet, but Hope struggled to pick just one. “I like a little bit of each. I wish I could mesh all of them. I really like jazz and contemporary because you’re really free to dance how you want, but I like ballet because it’s so beautiful.” Hope said.


The team has also been experimenting with flash mobs. “We did one for Halloween last year and then another one last spring. I would just love to see flash mobs grow at Eastern.” Adams said.


Hope and Adams also have other goals for themselves and their team this year. “We definitely want to get in more performances. That’s always our goal.” Hope said.


For Adams, one of the goals involves more fundraising. These fundraisers will allow them to buy new costumes and props for their routines.


On a personal level, Hope would like to grow as a dancer. “I like learning more in other styles,” Hope said. She also wants to work on making choreography come more naturally to her. The Dance Force choreographs all of their routines themselves.


The team’s practices involve teaching and learning from each other, Adams and Hope explained. Adams said this is her favorite part about being on the team. “I like to see people get inspired,” she said.


In the future, Adams and Hope want to incorporate dance into their future careers. Hope is studying to be a health and fitness teacher with a minor in recreation. “Being a PE and health teacher, I want to coach a dance team.”


For now, the team is focused on their events for the coming year, which will likely include performances during football and basketball games, routines at various Eastern club events and a spring show featuring dancers from the community.