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Spring Break 2020 on a budget

Spring Break 2020 on a budget

March 12, 2020

Spring Break is right around the corner and almost everyone’s social media is about to beflooded with pictures of places like Cabo San Lucas, Miami and...

Students of the Alternative Break Club pose for a photo around Lake Siskiiyou near Weed, California:(Left to right, back row first) Alex Martinez, Dalton Emerson, Matt Watkins, Willie Stoutzenberger, Garrett Harty, Baylee Buchanan, Noah King ; Shelby Shackelford, Jonny Vorachak, Sarah Colerick and Dakota Mullikin | Photo courtesy of Anna McNamara

A different way to spend spring break

April 12, 2018

If one ever catches themselves wondering what good they can do during their academic break, they should consider looking into the Alternative Break Club...

Staycation just as good as vacation

Staycation just as good as vacation

March 12, 2016

Some have their sights set on the beaches for this upcoming spring break while others can only see their couch and Netflix on the horizon. While some may...

Spokane holds spring break opportunities

By Erin Rebar, Contributing Writer

March 6, 2016

Spring break is almost upon us, and with it comes stories and expectations of a wild trip away. According to the Chicago Tribune, a study by found “more than half of college students plan to hit the road, with many planning trips on a budget to such destinations as Las Vegas; Cancun, Mexico; and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.” While this data may not...

Wild spring breaks are not the bee’s knees

By Zoe Colburn, Opinion Editor

March 16, 2015

In an era gone by, wild spring break parties in Cabo were seemingly the holy grail of spring break, or at least that’s what MTV wanted us to think. Nowadays, students are just as content sitting at home in sweatpants watching “Friends” for six straight days as they would be getting wasted on a beach in Mexico. Most students don’t feel any real pressure to go wild...


Spring Breaking The Stereotype

January 31, 2014

  When students on college campuses hear about spring break, they tend to hear a culture of expectations: visiting sun-filled beaches, laying i...

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