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Lab assistant Micheal Toma and EWU Professor Emeritus Ernie Gilmour

Geology Dinner celebrates Gilmour and Kiver

May 4, 2016

EWU Professors Emeriti Ernie Gilmour, Ph.D. , and Gene Kiver, Ph.D. , will host alumni and students at the Geology Dinner to celebrate nearly 100 years...

John Buchanan being interviewed in his office.

Geology professor travels the world

October 24, 2015

EWU students have the opportunity to be taught by a variety of professors, each with their own individual skills, knowledge and experiences. Geology professor...

Horoscope for college majors in this economy

October 3, 2012

Many new students agonize over choosing a major, and you should. Your major affects your classes and course of study, determines your adviser and professors, and most important of all, after college you...

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