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Emergency grants explained

May 18, 2020

Eligible EWU students will receive emergency grants from the financial aid office as part of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF). HEERF, ...

FAFSA deadline moves to better work with taxes

By Grace Pohl, for The Easterner

October 26, 2016

This year, while applying for the FAFSA, students will notice a few changes compared to previous years. Prior to this year, the FAFSA application used to open on the first of January, but this created problems because of the taxes side of the application process. “It was out of sync with the tax year,” said Bruce Defrates, director of financial aid and scholarships. “It ...

EWU financial aid hurts students and their wallets

By Mikayla Lundeen, EWU Freshman

May 2, 2015

Financial aid is supposed to give all students access to education. However, my experience with the financial aid office has revealed many flaws in the system. For one, my parent’s income is not my income. No matter how much my parent’s make, they have no obligation to give me any of it. Ten years ago, my dad wanted to take responsibility for providing for his family,...

Summer quarter enrollment numbers decline

Summer quarter enrollment numbers decline

May 8, 2014

They ride the bus in and out of campus, they gaze at students walking to class and they greet readers of this paper. EWU summer quarter advertisements...

Post-baccalaureate students not eligible for Pell Grants

Post-baccalaureate students not eligible for Pell Grants

November 22, 2013

Students who come back to Eastern to receive a second degree may have a hard time finding ways to fund their schooling, but contrary to what some may ...


Letter to the editor: Avoid financial aid delays

April 27, 2013

When the first week of school rolls around, many students have issues getting their financial aid checks on time. People who have encountered this tend...

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