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Apartment Hunting

Apartment Hunting

January 31, 2020

Living in the campus dorms may be a dream for some, but for others, apartment life may be the way to go.  EWU has two on-campus apartment buildings an...

Eagle Point will build over 100 new apartments by next fall

By Katie O'Boyle, for The Easterner

October 26, 2016

Since last spring, Eagle Point Apartments have been doing construction and expanding. Eagle Point Apartments houses many EWU students and will eventually have 120 brand new apartments opening. As of today the assistant manager, Ben Grover said there are 540 units. There is a mix of different sizes of rooms but all of the same sizes are grouped together in one complex; t...

What’s better: Dorm, apartment or house? We weigh in

What’s better: Dorm, apartment or house? We weigh in

April 19, 2015

Despite dorm accessibility, houses provide cheaper living, more space and privacy By Anna Mills - Photographer Early and often spring cleaning is ...

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