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Members of the Black Student Union pass out flyers, sell t-shirts and enjoy a soul food potluck during their quarterly Soul Food Sunday event. The club chose

Harlem Nights Ball ends Black History Month at EWU

February 27, 2019

Soothing Jazz and a 1920s aesthetic will soon send students, staff and guests at EWU back in time. The Black Student Union is hosting the Harlem Nights ball in Har...

EWU professor and director of the Africana Studies Program Dr. Scott Finnie speaking at a 2013 luncheon. Finnie has been teaching at EWU since 1993.

BSU and Africana Studies Reclaiming Black Excellence

February 21, 2019

Black History Month involves more than just highlighting historical events and learning about slavery and the civil rights movement. It highlights histori...

Dr. Finnie became the EWU Africana department director in 2014

Eastern Africana Studies director beats cancer, battles injustice

February 11, 2015

After a near-death experience many years ago, Scott Finnie, Ph.D., director of the EWU Africana Studies Program, has a deeper motivation to live out a...

Free Press Applies To Ideas That Are Not Pre-Approved

By Director Dr. William Stimson, EWU Journalism Department

November 14, 2014

Many people were upset by an article that appeared in The Easterner on Oct. 15 under the title, “Protests in Missouri Unfair to Local Businesses.” One letter writer said he was “appalled” that such an article “was allowed a platform in your campus newspaper.” But look at the actual results. Precisely because the article in question was provocative, people across...

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