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EWU Student Gallery brings Jake Prendez’s “Churro Know My Life” exhibit to campus

January 12, 2017

Art for humanity has always been one of the most powerful tools used to enact social and political commentary. Its forms of oil and acrylic paintings, p...

The 'Hispanic' blanket term is not that warm

The ‘Hispanic’ blanket term is not that warm

October 10, 2014

  A brown, wooden bat swung blindly hits its mark. A paper-mache donkey bursts open, spilling its delicious, colorful contents to the ground. All...

Chicano Education Program students at the campus mall.

Eastern awarded competitive CAMP grant by US Department of Education

September 6, 2014

For the third time since 2002, Eastern was awarded a $2.125 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education on June 23 that supports freshmen...

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