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Athletic director Lynn Hickey and senior associate athletics director for external affairs Devon Thomas sit in front of the board of trustees on Friday. The BOT approved Hickey's decision to postpone the Roos Field renovation proposal until another meeting in October. This meeting occurred in 2019.

A catch-up on EWU athletics

September 29, 2020

  Reese Court, Roose Field and the URC have been quiet, with EWU joining the majority of universities across the country to halt all athletics u...

EWU football's Roos Field ranks 12 out of 14 stadiums in the Big Sky Conference in terms of seating capacity

Keeping up With the Big Sky

June 1, 2017

EWU has been very competitive in the Big Sky Conference over the past decade. However, one thing the athletic department has not been able to keep up on...

EWU athletic department generates over $4 million in revenue

EWU athletic department generates over $4 million in revenue

November 10, 2016

The EWU athletic department (AD) in 2015 received a majority of its financial support from the university, and according to the AD, nearly 70 percent of...

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