March 31 Town Hall Meeting Recap

By Emily Driskel, News Editor

The EWU Town Hall meeting on March 31 revolved heavily around Phase 3, projected campus reopening dates and the vaccine. 

Annika Scharosh, AVP – Civil Rights, Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management, began the meeting by talking about new opportunities for the vaccine for the EWU community. The state expanded the list of essential workers, and the Department of Health has a new vaccine finder for individuals. She said July 1 is the target date when EWU is hoping to have campus and all departments open for students. 

COVID-19 antigen tests are now available for EWU faculty and students. Four hundred and three students who were returning from spring break were tested this past weekend. 

Tricia Hughes, the director of Health, Wellness, and Prevention Services, mentioned the status of campus as Washington moves into Phase 3. She said some of the EWU buildings are currently open such as the library, the PUB and the URC. The URC was able to increase their capacity to 50%. Phase 3 will be reevaluated on April 12. 

Mary Voves, vice president of Business and Finance, talked about protecting the health and safety of students and faculty. EWU will continue to work with supervisors to identify what they can do to protect each of their employees in their units. 

“We will do whatever it takes to keep everybody as safe as they can possibly be,” said Voves. 

EWU expects their employees to return to work if they can and encourages employees to get vaccinated. The campus cannot require all of the faculty to get the vaccine. 

The recording of this meeting will be posted on the InsideEWU website when possible.