Recap of EWU Athletic Review

By Emily Driskel, News Editor

On Friday Feb. 26, President David May sent out an email regarding the EWU Board of Trustees final report of the Athletic Review. This report can be used for the Board of Trustees and EWU leadership to learn more about the NCAA division status, structure of the financial situation, and the organization of the Intercollegiate Athletics. 

President May informed the students he will review the report as the next step for EWU athletics. This will involve looking at the costs for EWU. He will meet with specific groups, such as representatives from the EWU Alumni Association and students of ASEWU, to ensure the review follows EWU’s overall mission. 

In the email, a comment sheet was included so President May could look through student’s opinions on what the future of EWU athletics will look like. This sheet will be available until March 26 for individuals of the EWU community to communicate their thoughts.

After President May looks through the reviews, he will continue by making recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Final decisions will be made in June.