Update on Intramural Sports


Taylor Newquist

EWU Wheelchair Basketball Club President Jeremy Weaver (left) and Vice President Tray Dwyer (right) at their first practice this year. The two teamed up with ParaSport Spokane to found Washington State’s only collegiate para-sports team.

By Michael Spearman, Reporter


Intramural sports have been on hold since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but they could be making a return this spring quarter. In an interview with the Interim Director Chris Hoppe, we discussed what steps the university is taking to make Intramural sports safe to play. 

With Governor Inslee’s guidelines opening more events and activities to the public, EWU is looking at ways they can let students participate in those activities while still doing it in a safe environment. They are doing this by following their “Return to Play Covid-19 Protocols”. These protocols go over what is allowed and what is not during the phase one and phase two periods as well as what the university determines low, moderate, and high-risk sports. 

Since the start of the pandemic the only intramurals that have been offered were esports events which can be held online. When asked if students would have to wait until next fall for intramural sports to return Hoppe was reluctant to give a firm yes or no answer.

“I don’t want to commit to that,” said Hoppe. “I want to try and make what we can do happen. We’re still trying to interpret what’s permissible under phase two from an intramural standpoint.”

Club president Connor Stark sets up the tournament match with Southern Utah University’s gaming team. (Ben Blakney for The Easterner)

If EWU does offer intramural sports during spring quarter, it would hold the same requirements as club sports. According to the Return to Play Protocols all coaches, volunteers, and players are required to wear facial coverings. Outdoor and indoor practices, scrimmages, and training are acceptable but indoor activities may not exceed 25% of the fire code occupancy rating or 200 people (whichever is less).

Another issue that the intramural department has had is losing their former Director of Campus Recreation Mike Campitelli who retired back in July 2020. 

“The loss of him has made it a little difficult to properly support the intramural program.” Said Hoppe.

Hoppe also mentioned that he believes they will have a long-term solution for next fall to fill the vacancy and be able to offer intramurals again.