Honoring EWU professor Sarah Keller


By Emily Driskel, News Editor


On Dec. 24, 2020, anthropology Professor Sarah Keller passed away. Dr. Keller was well known among the EWU community and had many accomplishments that benefited EWU students. Keller retired in 2017 after starting the anthropology program at EWU in 1966. Listed below are some components of her rewarding career.

  • Served the university as a faculty member for 51 years, EWU’s most senior faculty member 
  • Received a PhD from Harvard University 
  • Created the curriculum and taught all the anthropology courses at EWU in the beginning of her career 
  • Worked hard to keep the anthropology program available after multiple attempts to remove the program 
  • Received EWU’s Trustees’ Medal 
  • Featured in the Spokesman-Review


More details about the memorial service and her death will be posted on Inside EWU when available.